Since 2011 I have been covering sport, mostly Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), for Australian sports website The Roar. I have written over 30 articles with over 20 thousand article views and achieved 'Guru' status within the site.

My work has included attending live events, interviews with numerous Australian and international fighters, and has covered a range of topics within the industry. 

Many of my pieces have been republished on Australia's official UFC website,, and TEN sport.

Below are examples of my published work.  My full online portfolio is  here.

UFC 2013: The End of a Golden Era
Another year down, and as the UFC marks time for 2013 it closes the book on a golden era of MMA with the reigns of George 'Rush' St-Pierre and Anderson 'The Spider' Silva coming to an end.  Read more

Is MMA too Violent to be Mainstream?
The rise of MMA from maligned backwater freak show to multi-million dollar sports juggernaut over the last twenty years has been monumental and many within the sport hope its tide will continue untill it is nothing less than the biggest sport in the world.  Read more

Sonny Brown: Aussie MMA's Hidden Hero
Like so many fighters there is a bit of the classic comic book Superhero to Brace MMA lightweight champion, Sonny Brown. By day an IT Network Administrator, by night a cage fighter who would slap on an arm bar as easily as he would purge your computer of its viruses. Read more.